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June 2, 2018

Countless students of the time, not only Mary Edwards, pp. 148-9, of The House on Harrigan’s Hill, were asked to memorize poems by poets of the Victorian Age (1850-1910), especially the New Englanders called the Fireside Poets like Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry Wadswort...

April 4, 2018

Spring has arrived. I live in the bay area of California where the sky can be blue, blue, blue and not streaked with a single cloud. It can be sunny even in March when the TV displays photos of people shoveling snow. Today in April just after Easter and Passover it is...

February 2, 2018

“Evocative” is a powerful word in a book review. The word implies mystery, depth of feeling, swell of remembrance, emotion rising.  Readers assume fascination, excitement, complexity, sensation.  As a new author, I value the adjective.  It guided my writing.


January 2, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 to all my readers and readers of the future. America January 2018 is living in the sun and blue sky, or freezing snow and ice. I will say the words not every person believes: climate change.

In January 1911, however, Truckee experienced a hard winte...

December 9, 2017

Since the first inhabitants of this fertile part of the New World, Californians have relied on the splendid variety of bird and animal life for food. When the Spaniards, Russians, and Americans stepped onto California’s shores, it seemed like Paradise. But then settler...

November 10, 2017

In the novel The House on Harrigan’s Hill, not one Chinese man or woman lived in Truckee. By the 1880’s – 1882 California law no longer allowed Chinese to immigrate to California - Truckee was known for its decision to drive the Celestials from the town. Nowadays, the...

October 29, 2017

Wild Lilac

Mary, the heroine of The House on Harrigan’s Hill, watches a hawk soaring above the hillside filled with purple wild lilac. 

Large clumps of white, pink, and pale purple flowers rise every spring all over North America, but California is the center of its dis...

September 19, 2017

Living in the high Sierra Nevada, the California Native Americans that play a role in The House on Harrigan’s Hill  are the Washo (Washoe) and the Paiute.

Estimates range from 130,000 to 700,00 Native Americans who inhabited the length and breadth of California long be...

August 30, 2017

Enjoy the 21st century holidays. Do you live in the mountains or woods? Whether you are skiing, ice skating, or cozying up in your warm home, you have the advantage of heating, electricity, and a variety of foods from every part of the world, only available in 1910 to...

August 23, 2017

Down in the valley, the valley so low
Hang your head over, hear the wind blow
Hear the wind blow, dear, hear the wind blow;
Hang your head over, hear the wind blow.

“Down in the Valley” a song with English roots, was a ballad in ¾ time sung both as a courting song, a...

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December 9, 2017

August 30, 2017

August 23, 2017

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